(c) 2009–2014 Steinbeis Forschungszentrum (STZ Ölbronn), (c) 2006–2014 by Michael Hoffer

LGPL v3 (you may also access license information via Plugins->VRL->Copyright Information)

This version of VRL-Studio includes a copyright notice and attribution requirements. According to the LGPL this information must be displayed even if you modify the source code of VRL. Neither the VRL Canvas attribution icon nor any copyright statement/attribution may be removed.

Attribution Requirements:

If you create derived work you must do three things regarding copyright notice and author attribution.

First, the following text must be displayed on the Canvas or an equivalent location: “based on VRL source code”. It is not required to display the Canvas icon in applications that do not use the VRL user interface.

Second, keep the links to "About VRL-Studio" and "About VRL". The copyright notice must remain.

Third, add an additional notice, stating that you modified VRL and/or VRL-Studio. A suitable notice might read “VRL source code modified by YourName 2014”.

Note, that these requirements are in full accordance with the LGPL v3 (see 7. Additional Terms, b).

In addition you must cite the publications listed below.


M. Hoffer, C.Poliwoda, G.Wittum. Visual Reflection Library - A Framework for Declarative GUI Programming on the Java Platform. Computing and Visualization in Science, in press.