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Creating a New Project

  1. Start VRL-Studio
  2. If a dialog shows up, that asks whether to create or load project, click Cancel.
  3. Click on File->New-Project from Template->VRL-Tutorial 1
  4. A file dialog will appear. Choose the destination of your project.

The displayed content should look like this:

Tutorial Project 1
Tutorial Project 1

Creating a Component

In Figure Tutorial Project 1 the content of the tutorial project is shown.

Step 1

To create your first component click on the compile button:

Step 1: Compile
Step 1: Compile

The window should turn dark for a short while. VRL-Studio is compiling the code. After that, a success message will be shown.

Note: If the window turns dark VRL-Studio is busy and cannot process user input.

Step 2

To display the component on the canvas open the component management window. To do so, press CTRL+SPACE. A window (Manage Components) should appear:

Step 2: Component Management 1
Step 2: Component Management 1

To add the component to the canvas click on the custom category:

Step 2: Component Management 2
Step 2: Component Management 2

Now drag the Add Integers component to the canvas:

Step 2: Component Management 3
Step 2: Component Management 3

At the destination of the drag gesture a window will appear after releasing the mouse button. The new window is the visual representation of component Add Integers.

Invoking Methods

Enter values to the input visualizations of the component as shown in Figure Parameter Visualization. Do not enter values to the output.

Parameter Visualization
Parameter Visualization

Click on the invoke button to invoke the method add(Integer a, Integer b) (see Figure Method Invocation).

Method Invocation
Method Invocation

The inputs will blink green to indicate that the parameter validation was successful. The output will be shown after the method has been invoked.

Things To Try

VRL-Studio contains some small code templates. To compile them, right-click on the canvas to open the canvas menu (popup menu) and choose one of the code templates under Code Templates->. Compile the code as shown before.

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